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Man was meant to eat flesh. It is the natural way of survival. Nothing is wrong in it. This is the way we have been living for ages. You kill plants, dont you! Why arent you compassionate against them?

This is what I hear as justification from most of the people who are not vegans

Am not a vegan. Yet, I dont consume meat either. I cant really argue with people coz I never have an answer to the question – whats wrong! I cant define, so I cannot answer.  But I can say this, people donno whats right either.

Can we something is right just because its natural! If so, anything aint is not right? Then our survival is itself not right! We as a civilization have grown enough to understand compassion. We all know that we do not eat meat just for survival. We are not Neanderthals.

We have already learnt compassion, love and respect. Why forget for lust? You are ready to show one small dog all of your love. But you forget it when you eat 100s and 1000s of fishes, chickens, beef and pork. Why? Coz you dint kill it. It was already dead. We dont show videos of slaughtering on tv in name of ¨disturbing images¨. But the most disturbing part is turning away from truth when you are part of it.

Do we kill plants? Maybe true to some extent. What if we limit our diet to only vegetables and not kill an entire plant for it!

Why be something else when you can be better!




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